New Discoveries!

This world is a crazy place, indeed. Every day, we have new, insane break throughs in science, and technology is increasing exponentially. From the printing press, to cell phones, to renting scooters in Thailand, we are capable of doing more and more with every moment that passes. Does this make the world less crazy, the more we understand it?

Absolutely not. 

It seems as though, the more we find out about this Universe we are living in, the less we know and the more our minds are bent and blown every day. One of the greatest recent discoveries has been in the field of quantum physics (which is by far the craziest, most difficult form of physics to understand), it is called the Double Slit Experiment. Since I am a lover of science, but not so much a scientist, I will quote a description from Popular Mechanics below:

The experiment that started physicists down the path to discovering the wonderfully spooky behaviors of atomic particles is called the double-slit experiment. We know that light travels in waves, and when those waves pass through two parallel slits, a single wave gets separated into two waves that run into each other. PBS's Space Time series has a great new video explaining the double-slit experiment.

When we shoot two waves of light through a double slit, they form a pattern based on the way their peaks and troughs match up or clash. When we shoot a single photon through, we'd expect it to just go through unchanged. But it won't. When you shoot enough single photons through—one at a time, alternating slits—they form the same interference pattern as the waves of light. Basically, that means that all the possible paths of these particles can interfere with each other, even though only one of the possible paths actually happens. Mind blown?

We can't fully explain these phenomena yet, but we can observe them.  It is only a matter of time before someone comes up with the correct mathematical equations to accurately predict these events, and when they do, the third major set of physical laws will be born.